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Dark’s Uptake (Episode 1) – Rules For Successful Writing

In this Episode of “Dark’s Uptake” The Topic Suggested by Viewer Beth, is “Rules For Successful Writing”.

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Starring: Me, DarkJade (James Mahoney)

Topic Content: Based on “Rules For Successful Writing” From “The Website Of Christine Geurin Phipps” @

Twitter: @DarksEmpire


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6 responses to “Dark’s Uptake (Episode 1) – Rules For Successful Writing

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    Episode 1 Of Dark Media Empire’s New Vlog Series “Dark’s Uptake”

  2. Kymlee

    it must be hard to schedule writing, I can’t imagine that, but then again, I’m a spontaneous person I have to wait until I’m inspired to actually act on something which includes writing. It seems daunting to have to write a certain amount per day for me. That’s probably why I went on hiatus a few times, because I had no time and I had no inspiration… but then it all came rushing back. lol. Bi-polar writing habits haha. Great, informative vlog D.J. (or can I call you james, or do you care?)

    I meant to leave this as a comment and instead sent to you as a suggestion. SORRY! haha

  3. Those are some great rules – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Rule 1 is difficult, but I can manage it. I just steal hours from other things sometimes – which means I sleep less. 🙂 Setting a specific time is almost impossible though, with all that I have going on. I go through notebooks and colorful pens like mad, but I have to agree with you – not as much is actually accomplished.

    Rule 2, however, I struggle with constantly. I totally get what she’s saying about stifling creativity, editing out freshness, and never finishing anything. I have a story that I wrote years ago that is really close to my heart, but I kept editing and editing, even before I finished it, and nearly killed the poor thing. Actually – I *did* kill it. It ended up completely flat, because by the end of it I had edited out everything that made it interesting. I’ve still held on to it so I can slowly fix the damage I did to it. Over-editing is a very hard habit to break.

    Rule 3 I’m good at though. 🙂 I *love* to read, and I actually keep a couple files for lines that inspire me, and their sources. I have also written down lines – particularly endings – that really p*ss*d me off or made me cry. I’m a happily ever after kind of reader. I really learn a lot from writers who can get me to feel an emotion, good or bad.

    Rule 4 I break with complete abandon. 🙂 I have a little problem – maybe not so little – with wasabi peas and hot tea. A teacher once told me that studies show spicey foods help stimulate the brain, so I got it in my head that it *must* work with creativity right? 🙂 I’m waiting for the study that says chocolate works too.

    • Nice Reply Beth… Yeah you’re good at Rule 3… Glad you liked the Post… Her Rules seemed interesting, so I thought I’d throw them out to the Viewers. Thanks again for your First Show Topic Suggestion


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