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Critical Thinking Reminder

I was told that my page updates under the Critical Thinking tabs aren’t showing up to the followers so I just wanted to remind everyone to check back every week and there should be a new one. I just posted no.3 yesterday, and I will do another one very soon. Meanwhile, check out Ace Pete’s new Gansta Time vlog! So excited to be a part of this team! Now we’re just waiting on Dark’s other writer… def looking forwad to her posts as well!

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About Kymlee

Life is about accepting change, embracing responsibilities and achieving greatness. I believe you must have goals in place for yourself, for your life, in order to be successful. Not only to be physically successful, but mentally as well. Live your life appreciating the little things. Take time to notice it's ever apparent beauty, and humanity. You can enrich your life and the lives of others by being a vessel for change, compassion and strength. I live by standards I've set for myself, of dignity, respect, honor, truth & most I'm an outgoing person that lives an adventurous life with open arms & and open mind. I love people in this crazy world, with as much as I can give. I spend time with many folks from different walks of life, and overall, enjoy life in it's entirety because it's the only one I have. With love & respect, Kymlee

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