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Dark’s Uptake (Episode II) – VideoCise

Dark’s Uptake (Episode II) – VideoCise

Subject Suggested by Devina

Starring: DarkJade (James Mahoney)

Music: – Original Music By “The Church”

Addtional Content: Special Thanks To The New York Times “Exergames” Don’t Cure Young Couch Potatoes

Twitter: @NyTimes

Twitter: @DarksEmpire


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3 responses to “Dark’s Uptake (Episode II) – VideoCise

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  2. I’ve played some of those types of games. I played the Wii Fit when it first came out and started playing again recently with a friend, and I have a Playstation Move.

    I think the Wii Fit is a little too easy to cheat with. If you just wave the controller around you can trick the sensors. I tend to like the Playstation Move better. It seems more accurate, to me at least. Playing Archery and Sword Fighting is enough to make my muscles hurt a little, so you do get some exercise. Honestly though, I still don’t think it compares to actually getting out of the house and doing something, or even popping in an actual exercise video to follow.

    But – the good old fashioned couch potato type of games, the ones that don’t make you move, are more fun to me. So I guess, even if the kids do get a little exercise with these games, would they pick these games to play over something like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Resident Evil, etc? Lol, I know I don’t. When I think about it, I tend to play the exercise games more socially, competing against friends, than I do to get actual exercise. So then, do you limit what games you get your kids – beyond the obvious careful eye you have to keep on the game ratings? Do you only buy them the ones that require movement? Or limit the number of other game options on the shelf at least? Or do you limit their game time, period, as you suggested?

    In my opinion – and I’m not a parent yet, so this is looking from the outside of the situation – I would say kids are probably more likely to play the exercise games if you play with them, or if they have friends over to play with them. But I think going outside wins, hands down. I *love* tv, movies, and video games, but I think it’s probably best to at least put a time limit on them, and probably always have a rule about doing homework and chores first. I don’t know about everyone else, but I get sucked into these games and have no concept of time passing. If I don’t put a limit on my gaming, I will play all day without even noticing I skipped a meal or that I only have a couple hours left until I’m supposed to get up for work. So, as much as I love games, I’d have to agree with you on this one. When I have kids, I’d like to limit game time, and try and take them out to do things more.

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