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my version of Eva Cassidy’s “Know you by Heart”


10 responses to “Know you by Heart- Cover Song

  1. That is Just Beautiful


    • Kymlee

      aww thanks James ♥

      • You’re Welcome, you are an Absolute talent

        No Doubt, I have always Loved your Voice


        • Kymlee

          I appreciate the support. I know my voice isn’t the best, but I love music with my whole heart and I guess that’s all one can ask for right? 🙂

          • Actually, I don’t like a lot of people’s Voices… When I say I Love your Voice, I mean it… It’s a perfect blend of Strength, and Sweetness… Some people are just born with a gift, and you’ve got a gift

            Just keep taking care of the rest of your life, so that you can keep on doing the Music


          • Kymlee

            you make me smile James. Thank you. I’m doing the best I can, hopefully someday my love for music will do something good for others. I dream that, every day of my life. It means a lot to me to have supporters like you behind me constantly pushing me to do what I need to do.

          • Your Spirit comes through when you talk about it, and when you Perform… Spirit wise, you remind me of Stevie Nicks, and Amy Lee, I think both of them Love Music as much as you do

            It’s Innate… It’s who you are


          • Kymlee

            two AMAZING artists. I love Amy Lee. I used to want to be her to be honest. 🙂

          • I don’t blame you, she’s probably my Favorite Female Singer


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