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Kymlee’s “Peter’s Song” Video By James Mahoney

Kymlee’s “Peter’s Song” Video By James Mahoney

Kymlee Recently shared her 2009 Album on Her Blog , and whilst Listening to it, I fell in Love with one of the Songs.

A Song Called “Peter’s Song

After Listening to it for maybe 20 Times, I decided that I would try to Blend some Old Video Footage I had from when I was Pursuing Film Making, back in 2000-2003

Through a Blend of Footage, the First Being Me Spinning Around a Room with a Color Effect On, Second Being My Brother doing a Fake Interview with me while I’m wearing a Cape, as we had just done some Experimental Footage… And Third working in many Shots from My 2002 Short Film “If Not Now…“, I was able to come up with something I felt worked well with the Song.


Music – Written by and Performed by Kymlee

Video Footage –

Spinning Colored Shots – Filmed By James Mahoney

Interview of James Mahoney Wearing Cape – Shot By Don Mahoney

“If Not Now…” Short Film – Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited By James Mahoney

Shot By – James Mahoney, Hallie Drake and Don Mahoney

Assistant Editing For “If Not Now…” – By Hallie Drake

Actors in “If Not Now…”;

Taylor – Don Mahoney

James – James Mahoney

Kate – Willow Mahoney

Kate’s Sister – Una Irielight

Girl In Poncho – Hallie Drake

Video Brought to you by “Dark’s Media Empire”

All Right’s to Video Footage belong to James Mahoney

All Rights to This Recording belong to RMR

All Rights to the Song Belong to Kymlee Murphy


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  1. Reblogged this on DarkJade Going Viral and commented:
    A Video I put together for My Friend Kymlee’s Song, “Peter’s Song”

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