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Paladin Jade’s Christmas Vs. The Dark Sorcerer

Ok, lets try this again… Last time I forgot to Include the Video, Lol

Paladin Jade Christmas Vs. The Dark Sorcerer

Episode 7 of My “Paladin Jade” Vlog Series

Paladin Jade tries to get into the Christmas Spirit by Listening to “Little Drummer Boy”, and his Signal is Interfered with by ‘The Dark Sorcerer’

Ok, so this Video could have stood to be a couple minutes shorter… But believe it or not, I shaved a few minutes off the original size, Lol

Produced by Dark’s Media
Twitter @DarksEmpire, E-mail @ DarksMediaEmpire@Yahoo.Com

Directed by James Mahoney

Paladin Jade Portrayed by James Mahoney

Dark Sorcerer Portrayed by James Mahoney

Music by;

“Little Drummer Boy” Cover by Larissa Cohoe


Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Dark’s Media Empire


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