*Looks at watch* Thought so, it’s Gangsta Time

Easy Bitches, what’s going on n shit? I’m back with episode four of the delayed Episode 4 of Gangsta Time with yours truly where I talk about Internet Dating, well, sort of. Basically I insult people that are already on there. But you should still watch it because I’m ace.

Remember people, I am still waiting for people to give me some personal questions for me to answer, it could be anything. ANYTHING


Gangsta Time Episode Deux!

E.Z. Bitchez, what’s going on n shit yeah? Welcome to episode two of Gangsta Time with yours truly. Todays video is centered on my response to Dark’s Uptake Episode 2 why I counter his argument that children should spend less time on computer games and discuss why it’s actually better for the human race that they remain indoors.

Naturally I fuck up a few times such as mixing up my speech and coughing (again) but what do you expect for free? If I were on NBC yeah or BBC n shit, then I’d probably be 100% perfect all the time but I’m not so quit your whining n shit yeah?