Kymlee’s “What’s Left” – Video by James Mahoney

Kymlee’s “What’s Left” – Video by James Mahoney

Kym’s been Writing some New Songs Lately, so I thought I’d throw together another Video for her, and her New Song “What’s Left”.

This one is using Still Shots and Editing Effects, as opposed to any actual “Video” Footage.

Music – Written, Sung & Performed by Kymlee @

If you go to Kymlee’s Site, you can also Download the Song.

Video – Produced, Edited & Conceived by James Mahoney

Ballet Photography & Choreography by my Nephew Damon Mahoney @

Landscape Photography by Warren Lawson

All Rights to Music belong to Kymlee

Let me know whatcha think

What’s Left by Kymlee


Critical Thinking Episode 5 Response Part 1 & 2

Lets Try This Again, Had An Error On Part 1 Before, Should Be Fixed Now

Needed to Cut The Response into two, as My Software doesn’t allow me to Upload to YouTube if it’s longer than 10 Minutes Long, Lol

And Thus, Part 1, and Part 2 Response

If You Haven’t Watched Kymlee’s Post Go Here

You Can Comment Below Her Vlog, No Need to Vlog Back, but You’re Also Welcome to do that

My Response;

Part 1

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