Critical Thinking Q/A

This page is dedicated to Critical Thinking VLOGs which discuss social issues as they affect the world around us.

Critical Thinking with Kymlee is in a Question and Answers format, fully interactive. I’d like to spark debate in others and to really ask my viewers to think about the issues I talk about and discuss what makes sense to them as individuals. I really encourage everyone to take part in these sessions as it will not only help you form an opinion and educate yourself, it will also help you find others who feel and think the same way as you, therefor helping you find a network of individuals who you can talk shop with. It’s very important especially in this day and age to remain educated about events and important issues going on in the world, because we all have a voice and we can only be heard if we utilize that voice to the best of it’s potential.

Others may also post their critical thinking VLOGs here or post video responses. Also, if there is something you would like Kymlee or anyone else to cover in one of her or their VLOGs, please post the topic here and we’d be happy to try and incorporate those topics in future VLOGs.

Thanks for stopping by, Stay sharp everyone!



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10 responses to “Critical Thinking Q/A

  1. Awesome Kymlee


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