Critical Thinking w/ Kymlee no.4

Questions in this video:
1. If there were one truth you could know what would it be?

2. Does access to condoms lead to irresponsible, dangerous, or bad behavior?

3. Does religion cause war? More importantly, why do religions that support love cause so many wars?

4. What is behind the proverb,”It takes money to make money?”

5. Is there such thing as a selfless act?



10 responses to “Critical Thinking w/ Kymlee no.4

  1. 1. In agreement with ee cummings, the one truth is that LOVE is the only, every god.
    2. Sometimes, but more often not.
    3. Again, sometimes, but the real cause is that humans are animals, and animals genetically exhibit agressive behaviors, and defend territory.
    4. A Capitalist, I bet. Good storytellers make money out of nothing (ideas).
    5. Of course there is! Come here and I’ll give you a hug. Won’t cost ya nuthin’.

  2. Nice, I’m going to do a Video Reply Tomorrow


  3. Mine will be done on Sunday/Monday when the parents go away haha

  4. Ahaha, “Don’t kill yourself please”

    Too late, I’ve just drank a pint of bleach, now what ya gonna do! :O

  5. iMikey’s Astounding Responses to the Q + A:

    1. I’m just going to quote ee cummings on it. “love is the every only god” All other truths build from there.

    2. Sometimes. However, the more important overriding public health issue is to be able to control STDs and undesired pregnancies. Now that sex itself can be lethal, kids need information and tools, at a younger age than when some American parents might be comfortable providing them.

    3. Again, sometimes. The majority of wars in history are not fought over religion but are conflicts over resources and territory, the technologically amplified reflection of our genetic mammalian behavior. In some cases, like the Crusades, or the forced conversion of natives by the Spanish troops and missionaries, religion is merely used as an excuse. It’s still about the gold and colonizing the land. The spread of both Christianity and Islam historically have not been conducted free from economic incentives. The desire for dominance, and greed, are the main causes of war. It’s no different today.

    4. It only takes money to make money if you aren’t creative enough to make things up that people want to buy. It is certainly possible to make money by investing money, but the world also has many people who make money starting with nothing. My favorite ones are writers. Making up good stories and songs costs hardly anything in materials. The cost is your time and your level of commitment to quality, or to satisfying some other desire consumers already have.

    5. Of course there is. Have you ever put out food for the birds? You probably won’t get the benefit of seeing them eat it, yet you feel good doing it. You water the plants because you know they will need it. You thank people who treat you badly for the lessons they are providing toward your growth. You pray earnestly for the salvation of your enemies. Acts of selflessness (or as close as you can get to it) are tremendously spiritually empowering. You can’t do it all the time, but the more you can, the stronger it makes you.

    • Kymlee

      you bring up some very important points, especially about wars about religion vs resources and territories. So it tends to be under the guise of religion that most people act which brings another point to mind, that the appearance of something does not always speak to the motives. Smoke and mirrors sort of thing, which really is a whole separate topic about the moldable minds of people. 🙂 I’m glad you responded here iMikey, very interesting thoughts. On the selfless thing, I want to elaborate a bit. I believe in acting with minimal thought of one’s self, but “technically” speaking a selfless act doesn’t exist. Yes you can put out food for birds, but you nailed my point with “you feel good doing it” which is an emotional payoff for doing something good. That doesn’t mean that we are bad selfish people, it just means that there really isn’t anything we do without an effect to ourselves afterwards. Human beings are wired to be selfish, in a sense, but there’s a vast difference between subconscious and conscious selfishness… 🙂 in my opinion of course

      • I understood your position about the misleading word “selfless”, and I agree. Actions we take and choices we make are all at least partly our own responsibility. They come from our selves, so they can’t be completely selfless. It’s one of those cool impossibilities that are still worth striving and growing toward.

        (It was the staff that helped me solve my posting/commenting problems, so I’m thanking them here and wherever possible.)

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