Critical Thinking w/Kymlee no.2

Questions in this video

1. People argue that the family does not shape society, but society shapes families. What do they mean by this? Do you agree or disagree?

2. How have the high rates of divorce, single parenting, and spousal abuse affected U.S. society? Do you consider these family issues to be private problems or social problems?

3. Because of the way our health system is organized, we spend much more money on health care for the old and frail than we do for the young. Why is this so? Should U.S. society be focusing more on its younger population than it does on the elderly population?

4. Why do you think alcohol and tobacco legal drugs when they are addictive, physically harmful, and socially disruptive?

5. What positive and negative aspects would come from a universal health care plan here in the U.S.? Do you think that such a program would work in the U.S.?



6 responses to “Critical Thinking w/Kymlee no.2

  1. 1) I think that you’re right that More Family’s than just one can Help to Change things… My Mom, and the way I grew up, is so different than a lot of Society… Complete Freedom to Think, and not Conform… I do think Society guides a lot of Families, because lets face it, most people that become Parents, have absolutely no idea how to Parent… And are likely to look outside of their selves for Answers/Guidance

    2) I also agree with you that People not taking Marriage Seriously enough, does lead to more divorces, and has given Marriage a Bad Name… I was Married for a Year, and I Loved it, and Would Love to be Married again. We did indeed get married quickly, something I never thought I’d ever do… But life is funny sometimes… Our Wedding was Wonderful, I wouldn’t take back any of my decisions… But, ti is things like One Year Marriages that Gives Marriages a bad name.

    3) Like you say, this is pretty clean cut… Older People get Sick more often because their bodies are failing. No, I don’t think Society should focus more on younger People.

    4) Like you say, it’s a “Free Will” kind of thing.

    5) It’s a very complicated Issue… And like you say, I think the best way to figure that out, is to have a lot of people sit down and do the math. Weigh all the Components of the Subject. There’s no way to accurately answer this without this being the case.

    Great Post, look forward to the Next… I’ll place this Reply on your Site as well.

    Thanks Kymlee


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