Short Films

If Not Now… (by DarkJade)

If Not Now is a Short Film I got into a New York Film and Video Festival in 2002… It’s basically about two Brothers who had wanted to Make Films together, but one of them has a Wife and Kids, and just doesn’t have time…

Due to My Brother’s Time Constraints, I basically Filmed it in just over an hour, as you can tell with some of the Shots, lol My Brother had never seen, and didn’t know anything about the Script… I just fed him lines before every shot.

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by James Mahoney

Staring Don Mahoney, James Mahoney, Willow Mahoney, Una Irelight, Hallie Drake, Sequoia Mahoney and Cedar Mahoney

Filmed by James Mahoney, Hallie Drake and Don Mahoney

Assistant Editor Hallie Drake


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