KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

0506021457KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

I decided to Create a Tribute Video Using Deviant Artist’s Art Inspired by Kimbra

Directed by James mahoney

Music by Kimbra

Settle Down Remix By Eoghan Tyrrell @




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Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

A James Mahoney Video

Old Flame Written and Performed By Kimbra

Remix by ∆T ∆TIK∆ @

All Music Rights Belong To Kimbra

Video Produced by Dark’s Media Empire

Twitter @DarksEmpire

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