The Empire


“Legends Productions” Is My New YouTube Video Production Company

Here’s The Site Legends Productions

My Email – JamesLegendsProductions@Gmail.Com

My YouTube Channel

And My Twitter @LegendsProd


Dark’s Media Empire:

The Making of an Empire

DarkJade (James Mahoney) – Raised on a Steady Diet of “Star Wars”, “G.I. Joe” Action Figures, “Theater”, “Film Making”, “Movie Going” and “Writing”…

“Dark’s Media Empire” was bound to happen…

But it would not happen alone…

Being as Interested in People, Especially Other Artists, as he is in his Passions for “Film”, “Writing”, “Music” and “Story Telling” in General… Dark has Made some Friends Along The Way…

Enjoy The Many “Media” Pleasures of “Dark’s Media Empire”

Contact Info:

E-Mail JamesLegendsProductions@Gmail.Com

Twitter @LegendsProd


Kymlee- (also known as Kymree, Household 6, and the Hulk…)

Musician, creative and critical thinker, humanist and child abuse prevention activist, trying to make the world a better place by keeping an open mind and open heart.

Still coming up in the world and music industry, will have both music VLOGs and sociological contributions here on focused issues that affect us all…



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